Gift card

Looking for a gift for Your loved one, relative or friend? Skizze gift card is a convenient solution, which allows every art and handicraft enthusiast to find something that is just right for him or her! The gift card amount can be any amount chosen by You (starting from 15 €) and the sum can be redeemed within 2 years from the gift card purchase date. The gift card comes as a a plastic card, so that it is convenient to carry and that it will last. At the same time, it is made of biodegradable PVC, which is produced using an additive created in a microbe-rich environment – thanks to which our gift cards are compostable. The gift card is attached to a greeting card – you can choose between greeting cards depicting the works of Maria Kristiina-Ulas, Anu Purre, Kristi Kongi or Jüri Mildeberg.

Presently, the gift cards can be purchased only in Skizze shops. The gift card can be used as a means of payment in Skizze art shops and e-shop. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. In case of theft or loss the card will not be replaced and the amount on card will not be compensated. The nominal value on the gift card indicates the purchase price.

Check the balance of the gift card:

Number location on card
Verification number location on card