Skizze e-shop now carries the “Secure Shopping” trustmark

AS Vunder is member of the Estonian E-commerce Association since the beginning of 2017 and Skizze e-shop now carries the “Secure Shopping” trustmark.

The Estonian E-commerce Association is an umbrella organisation that was established in 2008 and whose members work together to solve problems occurring in e-commerce and look after the state of the e-commerce according to the best practice, high quality standards and fair legislation. Today, the E-Commerce Association has around 190 active members from all over Estonia with the main mission of developing the e-commerce in Estonia.

“Secure Shopping” is a trustmark issued to the e-shops by the Estonian E-commerce Association. Shopping in e-shops that have been awarded the “Secure Shopping” trustmark is safe, these places are trustworthy and have been inspected by the Estonian E-commerce Association and meet the conditions set for receiving the trustmark. The purpose of the trustmark is to increase in consumers the trust towards e-shops and to raise the level and reputation of e-commerce in Estonia.

Skizze is the leading chain of art supplies in the Baltic states with an e-shop operating since 2009 and delivering the largest selection of high-quality art materials right to your doorstep.