Canson – more than 450 years of experience, resulting in unique expertise and know-how. Canson aims to provide all artists with high-quality products, which would inspire them and instill confidence. All Canson clients acknowledge the superior quality of our papers.

Canson was founded by the Montgolfier family in 1557. The development and fate of the company is intertwined with history of France as well as with art history in general. Rooted in tradition, Canson respects this heritage and its duty to always provide consumers with outstanding paper.

Innovation is in the essence of Canson. The Montgolfier brothers invented the first hot-air balloon in 1782. But first and foremost, they were paper manufacturers. Over the centuries, the company created numerous manufacturing processes such as the Hollander beater to tear up rag, pulp dying to obtain uniform coloured paper, etc. They also innovated with vellum paper, then tracing paper in 1809. In 1865, Canson obtained a patent for a photo paper, which simplified printing operations. In 1926, Canson set up a subsidiary in New York. This was the beginning of extensive internationalisation. Canson is now present in over 150 countries across the world and is the world’s leading producer of fine art paper.

Canson still seeks to provide products that meet the expectations of consumers: either school pack, technical drawing paper, fine art printing paper, papers for digital art printing and photos, etc. Canson is a brand of excellence. But we are also a company, which seeks to provide simple solutions to the needs of consumers, whether they are professional artists or school children..