M&G is the No.1 comprehensive stationery manufacturer and supplier in China, which integrates the value of creativity into its products and service advantages. The company has secured more than 48% of the market in China with direct sales to business and through its chain of retail outlets which covers all of China. Due to the integrity oriented & win-win business philosophy, M&G has made a miracle of annual double-digit growth since the establishment in 1996. The company occupies the 300000 sq m ‘M&G Industrial Park’ in Shanghai with more than 10000 staff.

M&G is committed to meeting the major challenges such as protecting the environment and continues to innovate to improve the quality and comfort of our products even further. Components are sourced from premium suppliers and recognised quality assurance accreditation, a commitment to ongoing R&D and own detailed QA process ensures that M&G products are top quality. M&G have famous and excellent designers and engineers who come from Korea, more than 200 professional and experienced quality controls, who are all very strict with controlling on functions, design and quality.