Metal rings Rayher - 1/2
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Metal rings Rayher


Metal rings are the basis for many sophisticated home decorations. This sortment of five stable metal rings can form the basis for many decorations: dream catchers, mandalas, sound games, lamps, macramé works, decorative trees and much more. As helpers in floristry, they are indispensable. They form the framework for tying Advent, box, door, window, candle or flower wreaths. Then there’s also wedding decorations made of metal rings, with flowers, ribbons, pigeons… decorated, for hanging or as a table decoration. Possibilities are endless!

02RY25216576 4006166301407 Metal rings Rayher 5pcs d=10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm black Metal rings Rayher 5pcs d=10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm black
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